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Our apologies for any delays or lack of response to any support questions.

Our support team respond as quick as possible to any issues and we try to to keep acceptable response times. Support response times may vary during peak tax seasons, such as March-April and September-October.

If you have not had a response after a few days, please resubmit your question or email our support team directly at .

Unfortunately, we do not provide tax or financial advice and can only answer questions on how to use our service. Please speak to your own tax professional for advice on how you should treat digital currencies.

We do provide a list of self-registered accountants, CPAs and tax attorneys in the hope that it is helpful.

We maintain a list of customer suggestions where registered users can vote or add new requests. Please add any new exchanges or other ideas to this list.


Please be very careful when using Excel, as it automatically changes the date formats in any CSV file that you open. Excel will switch date formats, remove any seconds, and remove timezone information. This can have considerable impact on your import from causing it to fail to being completely wrong.

If you browser automatically opens Excel for any download CSV files - DO NOT SAVE IT. This will cause the above problems.

Please make sure you only upload the original and unmodified files you received from the exchange and not ones that have been saved in Excel.

There is a drop-down at the top of the page to select the tax year you are working on.

Check you have chosen the right tax year, for example, if you are trying to add your data for 2017, then choose "2017" before you do your import. We filter imports for trades by tax years so only include those for that selected year.

This does mean you have to import for each tax year, however, you can then be sure that importing into one year will not affect past years.

We read the CSV files that the exchanges create in their original format. If they are changed at all, then we might have problems understanding them.

Please make sure you do not open the CSV file in any application that might change them. This especially includes Microsoft Excel, which will alter date fields and numeric values.

If you did open the file, please download it again from the exchange and retry the import.

For some exchanges we have to queue up the imports for API calls. This is because they restrict the number of calls we can make over a given time.

If you see this message your import is queued and should eventually complete.

Unfortunately, some exchanges also have inefficient APIs for receiving trade data, which requires us to make multiple calls to collect all the possible trade information.

For instance, Binance requires a call for each possible trading pair and so an import can take 10 minutes. Binance imports are also very popular so are taking hours with heavy queues.

We have recently added a CSV import for Binance that can be used instead of the slower API download.

Kraken have issues and often return timeout errors to us, but we retry again until it succeeds. However, this along with their API limitations of only returning 50 trades each time and then only allowing this once every 6 seconds, slows down data retrieval considerably.

The form to add a FEE in the Trading page is a special case where you can deduct the cost of transferring assets to the exchange for trading. Much like you can deduct wire-fees off your trades when you buy stocks. Please check with your own tax professional that this is allowed in your tax jurisdiction.

If you sent coins to an exchange to trade, then you can add the network fee associated with the transfer into the Fee form in the Trading tab. We will then deduct those coins when calculating the proceeds of the trade. However, this only applies to the next "sell" of that coin, and therefore should not be used if there is no selling or disposing.

If you are just trying to add the network fee for transferring coins out of an exchange or between wallets you should instead include it in the Spending tab.

Most exchanges are now using the same ticker symbol BCH for Bitcoin Cash. We also use BCH as our pricing ticker. However, some exchanges are using BCC, but this is the same ticker as an existing digital currency called Bitcoin Connect.

If you have only traded with Bitcoin Cash, you should replace your trades of BCC with BCH. To do this you can go into your Account tab on the right, to the Alternate Symbols sections, enter in "BCH" then next to it enter "BCC" as an alternate name. Make sure you click the Update button at the bottom.

Go back to Calculate and press the Calculate button. We will now treat all BCC as BCH and also report BCH in your closing balances.

If you have traded both BCH and BCC, you may need to manually alter the import source to ensure the tickers are consistent.

Income, Spending and Transfers

Transfers are not tax events and therefore are ignored. Much like you don't report transfers of dollars between your own bank accounts. We treat all your coin holdings as one and therefore don't need to know where they are stored.

However, you may still want to include any network fees for transfers. Please see the next question.

We do not automatically include network fees as there is no reliable information to collect.

Network fees must be added into the Spending tab manually or by importing using your own CSV. The CSV format is displayed under the CSV importer on the right side of the Spending tab.

Enter the date (and time) of the transfer, the type of coin and just the network fee amount. Since you are essentially paying for a service, we will lookup any fiat (e.g. USD) amount, and also include the fee in our calculations. This will correct your balances although any capital gains are likely negligible since it would round to zero.

Imports from Coinbase include spending to a Coinbase merchant as well as to an external party. It is impossible to know if this was a transfer or spending without more information. We use the destination address and match it to the known addresses in your account. But if it's not there, then we will also mark it as spending.

Fortunately, all you have to do is click the "type" arrow for the line and change it to "Transfer", or tick multiple lines and click the top "Selected to..." button to change them to "Transfer".

Go to the Spending tab and click the "Show All" button where you can select the "Transfers" filter to view just the transfers.

Importing addresses to pick out mining income can take a little while, so please give it a few hours. If it still hasn't processed, you can go to the Addresses tab and hover over the line and click the refresh icon, which will re-queue the address. Please don't do this multiple times as you will just keep removing the item from its position in the queue and adding it back at the end, which will just slow it down.

Forks of existing coins are added into the Income tab. Add an entry for the number of coins that you received and the the date of the fork (or date you had control). You can either keep the price and total fields blank, in which case we'll enter the fair market value on that date, or you can enter "0" (zero) into the total field to set a zero cost basis

Opinions are that forks should be considered income and therefore would be added with a fair market value since there is an accession to wealth of a value. Please speak with your own tax professional for correct advice on what fiat value you should enter, although zero or not, you should still enter them into the Income tab else you will get "unmatched trades" errors.

Calculations and Reports

Please can you try refreshing the page (pressing F5 on Windows or Cmd-R on Mac), pressing the Calculate button, or logging out and back in again.

This can take a while if you have thousands of entries, especially with large numbers of alt-coins or using like-kind calculations. Please give it a little time.

If the calculate has gotten "stuck" in the front-end you can try logging out and back in again. If you still see the spinner then it's definitely still processing.

Our next release has improved the speed for larger volumes so this should be much quicker in the future.

As we calculate your trading, we build up a running total of your assets, each with its own cost basis. Each time one is disposed (sold or traded away) they are removed from that balance. If the balance goes negative, where you are effectively selling something you don't own, you will see the "more sales than purchases" or "unmatched trades" error.

At this point your data is not accurate since we have not been able to calculate from all the original values. The message is to let you know that the data needs to be corrected and the resultant gains and balances are likely wrong since we have had to make assumptions about the missing coins.

This can happen if:

  • You have not included all your trading activity, so we are only working on a subset of your data
  • You have not included all your digital currency income for the year
  • Your opening balance (the Opening tab) is incorrect or you have not included any coins you owned before the start of the year
  • You have done margin trading

Please make sure you have included all your trading, sources of income, and other activity for the year.

Also check your Opening tab. If you have added data into prior years, this should just be a copy from the "Closing" balance from the previous year's Report tab. If it is blank, select the previous year and visit the Report tab, which will cause it to calculate any missing values.

Otherwise, you must enter any coins you owned before the start of the tax year into the Opening tab. Add the number of coins, the date you received them and what they cost.

Margin trading is not completely supported and could cause incorrect values. You can either remove any margin trades from your imported data and just add the net gain/loss, or adjust your margin trades to change the date of open positions to be the same as when they were closed, so that gains and balances are calculated correctly.

Accounts and Payments

Payments by card should be immediate and you should see "Premium" next to the tax years at the top of the page. Please refresh your page (pressing F5 or Cmd-R) first and also try logging out and back in again. Contact us if it still hasn't appeared.

Payments by Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) should be processed quickly although might still wait for at least 1 confirmation. Please make sure you send the correct amount, especially checking if your wallet or exchange deducts withdrawal fees. Your payment will not be processed until it is fully paid. If you cannot send the remainder you can make another full payment and then contact us and we will return the first payment.

Payments by other crypto are processed by ShapeShift and can take longer. If the payment expired or was for the incorrect amount, it will just be automatically returned to you.

Please contact us if you payment has not processed. We will look into it and either upgrade your account or issue a refund.

Either contact us and we'll switch over for you, or if you can also purchase the correct year we will refund the original one.

This clearly shouldn't happen and we will refund any duplicate payments. Please contact us at .

We have seen recent card declines from American Express (AMEX) because we have the word "bitcoin" in our name and they seem to be blocking anything related to digital currencies.

You will have to use a different card, e.g. Visa or Mastercard, or pay with Bitcoin or another coin.

Unfortunately, we don't accept PayPal at this time.

If you paid with crypto then we can check we have received your payment. Please contact us with the txid, amount and the destination address.

Payments by BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH are processed by Coinbase. If it was an incorrect amount or late, please contact us and we will either apply it to your account or refund the amount.

All other alt-coins are processed by ShapeShift. If ShapeShift receives the wrong payment amount they will just automatically return the payment to your refund address less any applicable network fees. We cannot change this so please make sure you send the correct amount.

Similarly, if the payment window expires before your payment was sent ShapeShift will return it to your refund address.

ShapeShift can take up to 24 hrs to return a payment so please check if your refund address has received any payments. If you still haven't received anything after 24hrs, contact us with the digital currency payment amount, and address you sent the payment to. We will check on the payment status.

The numeric code is not being passed over to our server because of some old code still in the website, which is being remember by your browser. Please either hard refresh your browser page (Ctrl-F5 or Cmd-R), or clear your browser's cache.

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