Video Tutorials

Our short video tutorials will walk you through some of the more common areas of the Bitcoin.Tax platform. We deal with the commonly asked questions and show you how to use certain features.

If you need more assistance, please visit our support page, our knowledge base or contact our support team.

Filter Options

How to adjust how many trades appear on the page

How to filter by exchange

How to filter by symbol

What is the "Show Balance" option

Importing Trades

How to edit headers of a CSV to get it ready for the standard CSV import

How to import trades for multiple years

How to import crypto originally purchased in previous years

Delete / Edit Trades

How to delete a single trade

How to edit a trade

How to use the Remove All button on the Trading tab


How to lock and unlock a tax year

How to change the tax rate

Backup / Restore

How to backup all data

How to restore a full backup

How to backup specific data depending on trade type and tax year

How to restore data for a specific year and tab