File your Tax Return with a Tax Professional

Crypto Tax Preparation Service

Even with the best crypto tracking tools, you don’t always have the time to create an accurate cryptocurrency report for your tax return. Or perhaps you have questions and want to make sure it’s 100% correct before handing it off to the IRS.

Bitcoin.Tax full service tax prep is here to help! We partner with industry-leading crypto tax professionals to handle the report for you and answer your most complex reporting questions.

Why use a CPA, tax attorney or tax professional?

You have a complicated situation

If you used multiple exchanges, have multiple wallets, or have hundreds or even thousands of trades, you probably have one of the more complicated situations and could benefit from using Bitcoin.Tax to combine your trading as well as a tax professional to correctly report your taxes.

A tax professional can help with importing trades, reconciling your data and putting it into your tax return. Any issues can be dealt with correctly and they can then help reduce the chance of an audit.

You need to file previous years

Did you not include crypto activity before this year? The IRS is getting much more focused on potential tax avoidance with cryptocurrency users, especially for prior years.

Filing an amendment to include your crypto transactions can be a time-consuming process and has to be done on paper!

A tax professional can take your existing filed returns, add in your omitted crypto transactions, re-calculate and file your amended return. The IRS can still investigate you for up to 6 years of previous returns if they believe you did not accurately report all your income.

You have some missing transactions or crypto

Sometimes exchanges cease business, go bust, or fail, and often take their records with them.

As a taxpayer, you are ultimately responsible for keeping records, and saying "my exchange doesn't exist anymore" is not a defense.

A crypto tax professional could help you try and re-create or rebuild your transaction history by examining the blockchain. Or, worst case, they can advise you on how to report missing crypto transactions where there is no documentation.

You want to reduce the chance of an audit

Even if you are filing yourself, you still might want to have your tax return reviewed by a tax professional. They can look over what you have done and check for any potential areas that might be a risk for audit.

You know taxes are not just for April

You should always be aware of your crypto portfolio and tax situation during the year. There are many tax-savings you could use at the right time to save money for next year, such as loss harvesting, charitable donations, and specific identification reporting.

Full Service Pricing

Bitcoin.Tax partners with Gordon Law. Andrew Gordon is a tax attorney and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who has practiced cryptocurrency tax law since 2014. The team at Gordon Law can prepare your cryptocurrency tax forms or your entire tax return.

If you are having trouble with your tax return, or need answers to tax questions from a crypto tax attorney, schedule a confidential 30-minute consulatation.

Gordon Law can prepare and file your tax return for one, two or more years. Use the links below to schedule a quick intake call to get a free quote or request a quote via email.

The full tax preparation service is currently only available to U.S taxpayers. For other countries, please take a look at our Tax Professional and Accountant Directory for your country.

Consultation with attorney


(30 mins)
  • Confidential consultation with tax attorney
  • Experienced in crypto taxes
  • Ask questions about your tax situation
  • Get advice and tax planning
  • Click to schedule your appointment

Single-Year Tax Return


(single year)
  • Tax return and forms prepared and filed
  • Tax professional with crypto knowledge
  • State returns
  • Crypto exchanges transactions
  • Crypto wallets transactions
  • Staking, airdrops or fork income
  • FATCA / FBAR Reporting
  • Click to schedule an intake call

Multi-Year Tax Returns


(two years)
  • Tax returns and forms prepared and filed
  • Tax professional with crypto knowledge
  • State returns
  • Crypto exchanges transactions
  • Crypto wallets transactions
  • Staking, airdrops or fork income
  • FATCA / FBAR Reporting
  • Two or more years of tax returns
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Prices and features are estimates based on typical filings and may vary. Your tax professional will discuss your own individual situation to give a better estimate. Tax professionals usually charge an hourly rate and will bill you directly.

Full service tax preparation

Everyone is different and so a one-fits-all approach is not always appropriate. Our crypto tax professionals will work with you to understand your own situation and prepare the tax forms that you require.

Our partnered tax attorneys and CPAs have had years of experience in servicing and preparing tax returns for crypto clients.

Your tax attorney or CPA can:

  • Understand crypto and be able to discuss it with you
  • Assist in entering crypto trades into
  • Assist in tracing and reporting missing or lost records
  • Reconcile unmatched transactions
  • Provide full service tax preparation for all tax forms
  • Provide tax planning and strategies to identify crypto and non-crypto savings
  • Provide advice for wash-sales, airdrops, staking, margin trading and other complex crypto transactions