File your CRA Tax Return with a Tax Professional

Even with the best crypto tracking tools, you don’t always have the time to create an accurate cryptocurrency report for your tax return. Or perhaps you have questions and want to make sure it’s 100% correct before handing it off to the CRA.

Bitcoin.Tax full service tax prep is here to help! We partner with crypto tax professionals to handle the report for you and answer your most complex reporting questions.

Canadian Full Service Tax Preparation

Canadian Crypto Tax Preparation Service

Bitcoin.Tax now partners with Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting for full-service preparation in Canada. Metrics CPA is a full service CPA firm based in Victoria, BC who can complete your cryptocurrency calculations for individuals or corporations, as well as full tax compliance requirements (T1s, T2s, T2057s, T1135s, etc).

Metrics has been involved in the cryptocurrency tax space since 2016 and has since assisted thousands of clients with their crypto tax calculations, advisory, and tax planning

Metrics will be able to assist with our customers who require some assistance due to having complicated situations or who just want to have it handled in full. For those customers who simply want to have a consultation or have questions about their situation, you can book a 30 minute tax consultation with an experienced CPA.

Metrics charge on an hourly basis, and so it depends on the level of complication in your crypto activities. For most people, it's about 1-3 hours per year to complete calculations. If you have your details already included in, Metrics can assist with errors or complications you come across. Alternatively, you can provide your raw data/information and they can turn it around into a full return for you, and anywhere in between


A 30 minute discussion with a CPA that is extremely experienced with cryptocurrency and taxes. How experienced? Ask him his degen score.

Typical discussions include business income vs. capital gains, incorporation and asset rollover, mining/staking planning, tax planning for exit opportunities, DeFi tax planning, etc.

Individual Crypto Tax Calculations

Metrics can take your tax information in raw CSV format, direct address provision, or semi-complete software inputs and complete your required calculations for tax purposes according to CRA rules and interpretations.

Corporate Crypto Tax Calculations

Metrics services corporations and businesses involved in crypto (except for exchanges). If you have a crypto business, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to discuss.

Metrics has the ability to handle any size crypto enthusiast from the smallest buy-and-holder with 5 transactions, to professional traders with a million + transactions.

If you’d like to discuss getting some help, or have a consultation, get in touch with Metrics:

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