5 Best Crypto YouTube Channels you Should Subscribe to

Different people like to consume content in different forms. While some people may find reading news articles on their phones or laptops while having their morning coffee, some people enjoy videos and visual content more. That is part of the reason why YouTube is such a huge platform.

In this list of the best crypto YouTube channels, we’ll talk about five content creators with different content objectives and why you should follow them.

5. Ivan on Tech – A Little Bit of Everything

best crypto Youtube Channels

Hosted by Ivan Liljeqvist, a Swedish-based YouTuber and speaker, Ivan on Tech has a little bit of everything. From crypto news and insights to analysis of how political shifts and changes affect the overall crypto market, Ivan discusses everything on his channel.

With 491k subscribers, Ivan on Tech is one of the most well-known creators in the crypto community. If you want an overall view of the market and stay up-to-date, Ivan on Tech is your one-stop resource for everything crypto-related.

4. ClearValue Tax – Best Crypto Tax Content

ClearValue Tax

What originally started as an educational channel to teach people about taxes has now turned into all kinds of news and information regarding stocks, crypto, crypto taxes, etc. With 1.37 million subscribers, ClearValue Tax is your go-to place on YouTube for everything related to taxes and crypto.

Brain Kim, the host of ClearValue Tax, is a multi-millionaire himself, but his YouTube channel is all about providing free and helpful content. Even though Brian talks about many different things, the channel is still known for its valuable crypto tax-related content.

3. BitBoy Crypto & CryptosRUs – Best Crypto News & Analysis

BitBoy Crypto

For the best crypto news and analysis content, we have a tie between two channels – BitBoy Crypto and CryptosRUs.

On one hand, BitBoy Crypto is one of the most popular crypto channels overall. Hosted by Ben, this channel has everything from crypto news, altcoins, historical Bitcoin cycles, project reviews, and cryptocurrency trading advice. BitBoy Crypto is highly active, with 3-4 video uploads daily.

On the other hand, we have CryptosRUs, hosted by George. George puts 2-3 videos/streams every day with valuable information and practical insights into the crypto market while keeping the vibe of the show light and fun.

We recommend you follow both channels for the best crypto news and analysis content on YouTube.

2. EllioTrades Crypto – Best NFT Channel

EllioTrades Crypto

With over 581k subscribers, EllioTrades Crypto has built quite a large audience talking about NFTs. The channel is quite active, as you can expect to see 2-3 long-form quality content on a daily basis.

Ellio’s content isn’t exclusive to NFTs, as lately, he has been diving into many different topics outside of NFTs. But talking about NFTs is where his content really shines.

Honorable Mentions

Before we move on to the number one best crypto YouTube channel, let’s go over a few honorable mentions that didn’t make it to the list.

Louis Raskin – Much like Ivan on Tech, Louis Raskin also does a little bit of everything crypto-related but what sets him apart is his consistency and quality content.

aantonop – aantonop, also known as Andreas M. Antonopoulos, is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, highly sought-after expert and one of the most influential figures in Bitcoin and open blockchain technologies. Why would you wanna miss out on this?

Anthony Pompliano – We have listed Anthony Pompliano, popularly known as Pomp before, in our list of best crypto podcasts for the highly successful Pomp Podcast. You can find out his podcast episodes on his YouTube channel, but apart from that, he has some other great content there that is worth checking out.

Hashoshi – If you ever wanna go behind the scenes of some of the most popular crypto projects and know what is really happening on a technological level, Hashoshi is where you’ll find your answers. Hashoshi does a fine job of explaining the different blockchains, their underlying technologies and how they operate from a programmer’s point of view.

1. Benjamin Cowen – Best Educational & Informative Crypto Channel

Benjamin Cowen - best crypto youtube channels

Benjamin Cowen has a really different approach to providing educational and informative crypto content. Most of the informative channels on YouTube have oversimplified and watered-down content that lacks nuances and practicality.

Benjamin Cowen is different in his approach.

Benjamin brings you, what he likes to call it, “into the cryptoverse” and talks about crypto from purely a scientific and mathematical standpoint and articulates it well enough for people to easily understand and digest what he’s saying.

Hence, Benjamin Cowen is your best educational and informative crypto channel on YouTube.

Though we ranked the channels from top to bottom, to be honest, all of these channels are equally valuable and serve a different purpose. If you need tax info, you can go to ClearTax Value. If you need NFT-related content, go to EllioTrades Crypto. For in-depth analysis and educational content, go to Benjamin Cowen.

The point is – there is everything for everyone on this list.