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Date formats aren't consistent.


Suggested by Ryan H. on 12/08/2017

I am in the UK. The Trade data entry form does let me enter dates as DD/MM/YYYY, but the Trades list shows them in US format: MM/DD/YYYY. Optimally, I'd like to see both in ISO format, can you add a preferred format drop-down to the Account page so we can choose.

Dates should be formatted according to your browser's language preference. Can you check you have British English at the top of the list?

If you already do, please contact support.

  • Chris on 12/27/2017

    Hi Bitcoin.Tax:

    Maybe you should put this into a settings page "Date format", just as a stub.

    Print out their current language and tell them how to change it in Chrome/Firefox/IE to correct the date format. I never even knew US was at the top of my language since it never normally affected anything.