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Running balance report


Suggested by Anonymous on 09/24/2017

To aid in reconciliation (and in dealing with cases where there are more sells than buys), generate a report, for each coin, that states the running balance of that coin as of each historical transaction in that coin.

  • Jordan on 09/30/2017

    I was just thinking about this because I had to change a bunch of dates and fill gaps because of all the manual entries. Support gave me a running balance excel formula to work with, was crucial to the process. Would be a nice feature to have available on the site.
  • Cody P. on 11/30/2017

    You can see balances under: Reports -> closing report, but I agree a tab with more portfolio / balance specific info would be great!
  • Michael M. on 12/16/2017

    Really need a running balance for BTC and ETH, since calculating those from downloading trading/spending/income CSV's is onerous. Since BTC esp is commonly used as currency to buy/sell other things, and since it also can be the thing purchased, it shows up in several diff columns. It's a mess to calculate myself.
  • Heather W. on 03/06/2018

    Yes this feature would be a huge help with reconciling BTC!!

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