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Support a larger number of transactions (current cap around 300k?)


Suggested by Jason C. on 09/17/2017

When a larger number of transactions is imported the system is very slow and once you get to a certain point never completes.

Bitcoin.Tax replied:
Yes. Agree. The original engine wasn't designed for so many and does do too much work per combination (method x coin) making it very slow.

Good news is it has been reworked to substantially decrease times. My internal testing here shows it can now process a 100k FIFO trades in 30 seconds. A full run of the 8 cost basis methods and like-kind takes just over 3 mins. Compare this to 15 or more minutes for even just FIFO right now.

This will be released in the next release due in a few weeks and will be available of the test servers shortly.

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