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Trading .csv should include historical USD price of base currency


Suggested by Anonymous on 09/13/2017

When you click 'Download CSV' on the Trading tab, this .csv should include the USD value of the base currency at the time of the trade; for example if the trade is buying ETH with BTC, then the price of BTC in USD on that date should be recorded in the .csv. This would allow users who aren't using like-kinds to doublecheck the capital gains computation themselves by downloading the .csv, and would be useful for weird tax situations when the user needs to do some nonstandard calculation that the website doesn't support.

  • Dale Z. on 10/09/2017

    This would be great to have for USA folks.
    What I'd like to see is when buying ETH with BTC; show BTC basis, BTC cash value, amount of gain/loss, Type & % gain/loss, ETH basis.
  • Colin M. on 10/09/2017

    The trading CSV would not show gain/loss, as it isn't know. it can only show the trade itself and running balances.

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