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Give someone read-only access to my account


Suggested by Michael M. on 09/12/2017

Would like a way to give my tax person or someone else read-only access to my account.

Future version might have limited changing ability with a change log.

  • Colin M. on 09/13/2017

    Yes, this is coming too. It was in development, but is going to be delayed till the 8824 forms are released.
  • amsterokie on 09/14/2017

    great option when having taxes done.
  • Michael M. on 09/18/2017

    great news!
  • ect on 09/19/2017

    When are the 8824 forms released?
  • Colin M. on 09/19/2017

    Couple of weeks. There will be a 8824 statement download.
  • Blockchain_Whiz on 03/01/2018

    Is this feature working? How can I give my bookkeeper read-only access if so?
  • Dave on 03/01/2018

    I am having trouble finding the best way to do this as well.

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