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Show coins available to be sold as long term gains and filter by coin


Suggested by Duncan on 09/03/2017

On the reports (and export) page, on the bottom where it shows your current coins and when they were obtained - add a drop down menu to filter by coin so you can easily see when a particular coin will be available to trade for long term gains.

  • Michael M. on 09/18/2017

    I'd like a report that shows by week or month the $ value of coins available to trade for long term gains.
  • listie on 11/23/2017

    SOOO Important
  • BitcoinTax U. on 12/09/2017

    Yes! Please add this feature.

    The ability to see how many coins are available for long trading (and at what dates) would be an invaluable feature.

    I end up simulating the trades on to see this by manually creating an entry and seeing what it does to my long-term and short-term gains.

    It would be nice not to have to do this.

    I think using an accumulated bar graph (one per coin) would be the most useful way to display this information.
  • CoinTrader on 12/22/2017

    Absolutely! This would be a fantastic feature to include!
  • Clayto on 12/28/2017

    This feature would be dope
  • Zach on 01/02/2018

    PLEASE! I've been holding some coins for a while now that I very much want to sell, but I know I only have to wait a few months before I can sell and pay long term capital gains. Please add a feature to tell me what date I can sell these coins and how many I can sell that qualify as long term gains.

    I would pay extra for this feature
  • Mark on 01/29/2018

    I would also like this feature, but wanted to expand a little on its scope:

    Of my crypto holdings, say I'd like to cash out $X as soon as possible, and would like to find a reasonable trade-off between sell date (early as possible) and minimizing taxation (long vs short term gains).

    It would be great if the software could take $X as an input, and with a single currency, show me a plot of sale date vs lowest tax (choosing FIFO, HIFO, or whatever).

    It would be even better if the software could show a plot of sale date vs lowest tax, and taking into account all the currencies I hold (e.g. on a give date sell X of BTC and Y of ETH).

    The unknown is the future price of the currencies, but for planning, using today's values would be fine. The dates won't later change, based on future currency value; only the tax amounts would change.
    Any chance that might be possible?
  • gainz on 02/13/2018

    ETA on this one?
  • user3o847 on 03/01/2018

    I hope this is priority
  • Clayto on 03/02/2018

    When is this going to be ready? I thought it would be done by now and this would be a life saver. Please update us, thank you!
  • Zach on 03/04/2018

    Can you please give us an estimated on when this feature will be ready? Thanks.
  • Anthony O. on 03/06/2018

    What a useful feature
  • Zach on 09/28/2018

    While adding "Which coins can be sold for long term capital gains" can you please add a feature that show which coins and how much are currently available to be sold for a loss. Any coins I can sell now that will count as a loss and reduce my expected tax bill.

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