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Margin Trading Support


Suggested by Brian on 09/02/2017

Automated support of margin trading. Margin trading on the ratio involves borrowing coins, selling them, then buying others. This often generates a zero-cost basis problem and is a headache to calculate manually. Please!!!

  • Kelsey on 10/26/2017

    I am also struggling with this. Support has been understandably slow to respond to my emails. If someone could comment on how to calculate manually to fix this problem I'd appreciate it.
  • Mike on 11/16/2017

    Would like to use this feature as well
  • Erik C. on 11/21/2017

    This is creating an unusually high tax liability for me when I used margin to buy coins and sold those coins. It's incorrectly using my previously purchased coins that were purchased cheap as the basis.
  • Zech on 12/16/2017

    I need this too!
    I named my margin coins "fxbtc" so that it would not conflict with other coins. I think of them as a separate entity. That will prevent the selling of old coins, but the "short" zero-cost is killing me
  • Nate on 12/19/2017

    I really need this because it is messing with the cost basis for my 2017 year. I also really need a way to handle the lending fees because of the margin trading. Those fees actually make a substantial difference in the closing report of assets.
  • George on 01/02/2018

    The Kraken API import feature does not distinguish between margin trades and regular trades. In the reports section, the list of the coins I still own is completely inaccurate because of this.
  • Dave on 01/20/2018

    This is a really important feature. Can you please update on when testing will be complete and users can begin to access this?
  • Chris W. on 01/23/2018

    I second @Dave. I know you guys are working hard, but the sooner the better as tax season is upon us here in the US.
  • Kev on 02/13/2018

    @Zech, how would you differentiate between margin coins and normal coins?
  • Phil on 02/19/2018

    Poloniex also has a margin trading construct. I'd be nice to have this as Poloniex is already 2/3's integrated into without this I'm going to have to have my CPA figure it out....
  • Mark S. on 03/04/2018

    please include bitmex exchange in this.
  • CoinSlinger on 03/14/2018

    I agree with the other comments here - proper margin trading support for sites like Bitmex & OKEX is critical for being able to properly calculate gains/losses over the course of a tax year.
  • Dan L. on 04/09/2018

    is there support for margin trading yet? I have margin trades on poloniex and kraken that need to be figured in as part of my taxes this year
  • Phil on 07/16/2018

    poloniex margin trading please, had to pull all my polo records out, tax went for 50K to -15K HUGE Difference need help in an automated way as the number of transactions is huge >6k...
  • GOJO on 12/12/2018

    Absolutely Bitmex by API, please!!!!!
  • VK on 12/26/2018

    Please add Bitmex swaps and futures support.
  • FC on 01/01/2019


    Yes, please add support for margin trading. If possible, please add support for margin trading done on Liquid exchange (and add Liquid exchange among the API supported exchanges).
  • Philippe T. on 04/12/2019

    I second this. Bitmex is needed.. wants to charge me $398 for bitmex margin calculations.

    You can undercut them and profit!
  • VK on 06/27/2019

    Please add Liquid margin trading support.
  • Dominik Z. on 10/15/2019

    please include deribit thanks!
  • Jeremy D. on 11/04/2019

    yes please support bybit!
  • Kawika on 04/30/2020

    Please add Bitmex! It is needed big time. I would buy high volume plan.
  • Paul on 05/02/2021

    Could I ask for help on how to input margin and perpetual contract trades using I see Zech used "fxbtc". Could someone expand more on how to do this? Thank you.

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