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Suggested by Colin M. on 09/01/2017

Add Cryptopia ( exchange import

  • tonyaube on 11/02/2017

    this would be really helpful
  • Kirk on 12/13/2017

    Would be a great addition.
  • JACK on 12/14/2017

    yes. cryptopia please
  • Andrew M. on 12/31/2017

    Yes Please! Need Cryptopia before I would sign up to this.
  • chuck on 01/03/2018

    cryptopia please
  • Greg M. on 01/04/2018

    Cryptopia support would definitely justify paying for this service!
  • Fs on 01/06/2018

    Please add. It is becoming a very common trading platform. I think they have api support already
  • DJH on 01/06/2018

    Please add Cryptopia exchange - I have some 2017 trades on Cryptopia that need to be added for my 2017 calculations
  • Bryan M. on 01/07/2018

    if i cant figure out how to automatically add my trades from this exchange Im definitely not paying for this
  • Ed on 01/08/2018

    Would be nice. Many new investors begin with cryptopia, as it is extremely easy to get set up with. I assume most new investors would also get started with, for it's ease of importing CSV files.
  • Bob on 01/08/2018

    Yes Cryptopia, Only exchange that I can trade some coins.
  • Tony M. on 01/08/2018

    yes & Coinexchange
  • Joel on 01/09/2018

    Definitely need Cryptopia. It's the only other exchange I use that is not already supported here, and I use it a lot.
  • Nate on 01/09/2018

    Please add ASAP
  • Dustin B. on 01/10/2018

    Yes it would benefit me greatly if cryptopia is added to your site.
  • Dustin on 01/10/2018

    We really need this asap... would like it before I do 2017 taxes.
  • Paul on 01/10/2018

    I just paid for the premium service and was very disappointed to see that Cryptopia was not supported. The manual CSV file import does not work even after correcting the dd/mm/yyyy date format to the required mm/dd/yyyy. Now I'm getting an error due to the "FEE" column.
  • Matthew on 01/13/2018

    Not having cryptopia is one of the only reasons that I would purchase cointracking's product over
    Please add this as a BTC API at the minimum.
  • Jason on 01/15/2018

    Yes, I can't get the csv to import so this would be nice.
  • GJ on 01/15/2018

    Yes please, Cryptopia would be a welcome addition!

    I used Cryptopia for some trades in 2017 and had to add those manually. For few transactions that wasn't too bad. I had some typos in the csv that I eventually figured out but not having to enter trades manually is best!!!
  • Jon B. on 01/15/2018

    one more vote for Cryptopia--my most used exchange
  • Sart B. on 01/20/2018

    Unfortunately without Cryptopia support I need to go with a competitor. Had it been supported or an indication given it was being worked on I would have gone with
  • Nick on 01/20/2018

    Used more than other exchanges
  • cryptoras on 01/21/2018

    Please add cryptopia!
  • Matteo on 01/23/2018

    please add this!!!!
  • cecece123 on 01/24/2018

  • Carolyn on 01/24/2018

    PLEASE PLEASE add Cryptopia!!! And KuCoin!
  • Jason C. on 01/24/2018

    Please add Cryptopia
  • icculus479 on 01/26/2018

    Please add this, is there a place we can check to see if this is considered? Depends on if I sign up. Thanks.
  • Austin on 01/26/2018

    Please add Cryptopia and KuCoin!
  • Tom S. on 01/26/2018

    Need cryptopia for sure! Cvs does not work. How about pdf imports. Kucoin also!
  • P P. on 01/30/2018

    Please add this before this tax season! I have trades I really dont want to input manually! Thanks a bunch.
  • Cube on 02/17/2018

    PLEASE PLEASE add Cryptopia!!! And KuCoin!
  • son T. on 03/15/2018

    There was a problem with the fee when I import Cryptopia. All the fee was zero. I have to input manually to make sure it matches with my current balance.
  • Scott R. on 04/01/2018

    Same here. All cryptopia fees were converted to zero.
  • Brian G. on 04/16/2018

    Cryptopia fees are not processed correctly. Please fix.
  • Derrick M. on 09/22/2018

    Can confirm that Cryptopia fees are not being imported correctly. I had to convert my Crytopia trades to the generic CSV format and re-import to get the fees to show up.

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