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MtGox Trade History Recovery

Data recovery service suspended

Due to limited availability of data recovery experts we have temporarily suspended the MtGox trade recovery service.

We will look at re-instating it in the future if it is still required.

Bitcoin Tax Solutions

Since MtGox went offline in February 2014, no one has been able to access their account information or trade history.

This is causing an issue for anyone who is trying to file their taxes, but did not previously download their trading history.

Most advice is to file an extension and hope that MtGox gives access to their historical records before October 2014. However, the IRS still requires that you pay 90% of any taxes you owe by April to avoid penalties, but you may not know how much this is.

Leaked Data

In March, the personal blog of MtGox CEO Mark Karpeles was accessed and the information about the trading status of MtGox was leaked along with the complete trade history of every customer up to 30th November 2013. This information is now in the public domain. By searching the trade data we can provide a recovery service to enable you to re-construct your trade history.

Please be aware that due to errors in MtGox's own reporting, some of the trades in their report are corrupt. This is due to how they internally transferred Bitcoins between pools used for different fiat currencies. When a transfer happens, their internal system might purchase BTC from one pool and sell it to another. For example, if you were buying in USD, then they might internally transfer coins from the EUR pool into their USD pool. However, the transfer records only showed one-half of the transaction and then a duplicate record overwriting the second. This does mean that sometimes retrieved data may not be absolutely complete. Around 0.5% of data is possibly affected.

Request Recovery

To be able to recover your data, you must have one of the following pieces of information:

  • MtGox ID
  • BTC Withdrawal Transaction Reference
  • BTC Balance
  • Unique Trade Details

Please use the following form to request a recovery of your trade data. Please fill in as many fields as you can. The cost is $30 payable only if we can retrieve your history.

Your email address, so we can contact you

Your MtGox ID, if you have it

This is in every email you received when you transferred money into MtGox. The email is from [email protected] and has the subject "Funds Received". At the bottom, under your name is your User ID, looking something like M12345678X.

A Withdrawal Transaction Reference

You received an email for each BTC withdrawal you made. The email is from [email protected] and has the subject "[Mt.Gox] Withdraw from your account your-username".

Within this email is a long Transaction Reference, something like ef2c9789-77ac-469f-8606-85d3ca36f299.

Your Exact Balance

If you know your exact and final balance (assuming it isn't zero) you can lookup your details. However, this will only work if your balance is unique. If there are more people with the same balance, you'll have to search using some other information.

Exact Trade Details

You received an email for each trade you made at MtGox. The email is from [email protected] and has the subject "[Mt.Gox] Notification: Trade(s) Executed".

The trade type, date, amount and total can be used to lookup your details.

(e.g. Sat 23 Mar 2013 05:35:45 AM GMT)


Please provide any useful comments to help us track down your data. e.g. When you started trading, when you finished, any deposits or withdrawals.


  • I am requesting recovery of my own MtGox data.
  • I understand that my data might not be retrievable from the information I provide.
  • I understand that trade history data is only available up to 30th Nov 2013.
  • I understand that there is a small chance some trades may be missing due to errors in MtGox's reporting.
  • I understand that if my data is found, I will be contacted with some information about my trade date, which I must confirm.
  • I understand that if I wish to continue, there is a service fee of $50 to recover, export and compile my data into a CSV file.

After you request a search, we will contact you by email to let you know if we found your data, and give you some details about it to help you confirm this is indeed your information. Such as, how many trades, date of your first and last trade, and your remaining balance.