We are pleased to announce the new feature that allows users to give access to their accountants or other third-parties.

Accountants that use our business plans are already able to request the view of their clients's data. The client can then accept or deny the request and the accountant is able to switch into the client's data as often as needed.

Now all users will be able to see and control their accountant’s access from the Access tab inside their Account page.

Inviting your Accountant

From the Access tab, just click the Invite button and enter the email address of your accountant. They will receive an email and will be able to access your account remotely.

You will always be able to see everyone who has access and remove them at any time.

Accountant's View

For accountants that do not have a Bitcoin.Tax business plan, you will also be able to view your client's data.

You will receive an email containing a special link that you can use to view your client's account. The email will also contain an one-time access code value for 15 minutes. However, you can simply request another code as required using the link in the original email.

If you would like to have greater control and the ability to change, upload or calculate client data, our business plans offer unlimited managed accounts and full access to shared client accounts.

Please check out our Tax Professional plans for more information.


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