Bitcoin.Tax has helped tens of thousands of individuals calculate their crypto-currency income, capital gains and estimated tax liabilities.

Many are comfortable with importing their data, calculating results, and creating their tax reports. However, as many are also looking for help and guidance, tax advice, and information on how best to report.

Bitcoin.Tax do list accountants, CPAs and tax attorneys who are familiar in these areas. Still, finding an accountant who has experience and knows crypto in-depth can be a challenge. Even harder to find one who isn't just overwhelmed themselves and can just take it all off your hands.

Bitcoin.Tax is therefore very pleased to announce our partnership with Crypto Tax Prep by HappyTax. A full tax preparation service with CPAs that know crypto.

Crypto Tax Prep is the national leader in professional Crypto tax preparation and have been featured on Product Hunt, Accounting Today, Franchise Times and in Entrepreneur Magazine. For more information, or to contact a CPA that can help prepare your taxes, go to:

Colin Mackie, founder of Bitcoin.Tax, explained how this partnership will help users. "People using crypto are looking for someone to do their taxes and often really just don't know who to talk with. Now there is access to a specialized service, with a real CPA, using the power of the Bitcoin.Tax service."

An AMA will also be announced shortly. Crypto Tax Prep's founder and CEO, Mario Costanz, says, "we are joining together with Bitcoin.Tax to bring an exclusive Crypto AMA to discuss all things crypto-currency, tax regulations, and what every informed investor needs to know."

Bitcoin.Tax is leading capital gains calculator for digital currencies for US and worldwide users, traders and investors. You can try Bitcoin.Tax at

CryptoTaxPrep is the trusted source for crypto-currency tax advice, preparation and accounting. You can find them at



Calculating capital gains and taxes for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

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